? ?
you're just a puppet, in a playhouse, begging for Her to pull your strings.
31st-May-2011 07:52 pm - moving on...
If you've been living under a rock, I no longer use this Live Journal account.
I now am hosting MY OWN WEBSITE :D

AND! You can stalk My Images4sale HERE!

19th-Apr-2011 01:30 pm - All locked up and no where to go, LOL

Its called OVERTIME dork, I suggest you get as much of it as possible.
All your paychecks in My cute little hands...
Or, it looks like you'll never be let out to play with the rest of the boys..

Aww, what a shame.
If it were up to Me, you'd never be let out.
Oh wait! IT IS!  LOL
18th-Apr-2011 02:44 pm - Oh yes she did ;)
Let Me start off saying, I LOOOVE MY CRAZY ASS LIFE. Shit is way too wild, I swear, I LOVE it. Ok, so on that note, again, it's been a pretty minute since I updated, but you will survive. Some of you already know, but a couple weeks ago I let My slave take Me out to hit the mall and kick it. I had a fucking blast, that crazy bastard is such a champ. There is a reason he is My favorite, and YOU'RE NOT!.

He came and snagged Me up, you know I wasn't about to drive a bitch around, PFFT!  He came baring gift, I'm addicted to these crazy little melatonin brownies, called Lazy Cakes, mmmmz! Anyway, so we headed to the mall, after snagging a big fat Caramel Frap from Starbucks for meeeee,  to let the debauchery begin. We hit a few stores that are always must haves for Me, like Hot Topic (piercings and body jewelry), Bath and Body Works (I pretty much REFUSE to use anything else) - I snagged up some more pieces for My Monroe at Hot Topic, and just overall found myself playing with every crazy thing in the store. We moved on, hit up a few shoe stores, walked through Sephora where I dazzled him with some hot pink lip gloss, FIR HIM, not Me. LOL



Oh yeah, I make him carry My purse EVERYWHERE, LOL. He was poppin in his lip gloss, all kind of people were starring at Us, well, him, LOL. I was dying laughing. It's no big thing, he does what he's told, and he just may be a lip gloss slut. So we were checking out all kinds of places, walked into an Aldo store, to check out the Spring shoe collection, I was still laughing from all these wanna be gangsters taking tripple looks at him, when we walked in, the cutie little store clerk made a comment about why i was smilling so much, "Oh girl, having a good day because you get to be with your Boo" BAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT, That's totally what's going on! I about fell over dead laughing, seriously, needless to say, she was pretty confused when I was doubled over, yelling "hell NO". I couldnt take it, so we moved on. 

You know I couldn't leave the mall without checking out the line up at Victoria's Secret. We walked around, checking out all the tables, then I told him he had to pick out 3 pairs. The look on his face was priceless, trying to act all tough and casual, he looked like a deer in headlights. I dont think he'll admit it, but that turd was totally blushing! I even made him ask a store clerk if they had a certain pair in My size, It was soooo funny.

So he finds his three choices, and I snagged a bottle of perfume, and we head out to the check out...  The chick who rings us up knows My bitch from some shows, she was all sorts of , "Hey, arent you a DJ? I know you, I go to your shows! I was just in that bikini contest you judged" - He is STILL rocking that hot pink lipgloss and carrying My purse like it is nothing. I was laughing sooo hard, then she tries to tell me how much I owe, I again blurted out laughing, and pointing, saying he's the bitch, it's on his card. I left with a HUGE smile on My face, seriously. That couldn't have went any better! So we hit up a few more stores here and there, finished up with a trip to Sunshine Daydream (my favorite little head shop) for a pretty new pipe for yours truley.  Oh yeah, I may or  may not have called him out to another cashier about how he's a sleazy cunt who shoves grapes up his ass, HAHAHA, I love the way people respond to these sorts of things, the humor, yet morbid shock on their faces  is golden.

Anyway, after an afternoon of shopping, I went back home, bags in tow, and headed right back out to door with a girlfriend of mine for dinner, some forgettable twat was luck enough to hit Me up mobile and allowed to pay for that also, oh then we got ice cream, LOL. ;)
Over all it was a pretty fun and entertaining day, I wouldn't have expected anything less.


29th-Mar-2011 09:48 pm - xxx
Ok, damnit, right this very moment I'm going to log in, and attempt to start uploading to My new Images4sale. Cross your fingers and pray to Me, that I actually do it now, I've said this like a million times..



ALSO!! Some of you LUCKY ones, know I went and spent the weekend with my sister, Goddess Queen Kitty, we had a hell of a time. We always do, we had some fun plans, but due to the crappy weather, they were totally wrecked. Stupid snow, some of you saw My tweek pic, its was awful btw!! Anyway, so we were just relaxing, laughing, having a generally good time , laughing at some crazy video BANANA tasks..

Virgin- "Is this what a vag feels like?"

anyway, it was getting super late but we were wide awake when we were hit up by slave boi, who then drove 30minutes to My sisters place to come cook us pizza and cookies, LOL - hello 2:30 am!! When you live like this, you get what you want. Anytime. Sooo... we're blazed, he gets there and OF COURSE YOU KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! WAiT! Let Me go back and tell you how he ALSO was able to take us out to dinner Friday night, and this fucked up ass crazy bartender got in my face about some bullshit, I WAS ON FIRE, I was sooo mad! So, he comes back Saturday night to be our maid bitch, stupid boy, you know Im going to take it out on you, so he gets there.. 

1- put the pizza in the oven

2. take all of your fucking clothes off

3. get on the ground and close your eyes

Get ready!


We tore into him for what seemed like forever, with just about every piece of equipment we own between us!!!
Whips, crops, cains, floggers..
All for sheer entertainment, with some serious shit!!! We managed to come to our senses and catch some on video, be grateful, the video is a little dark, but it's 17 MINUTES LONG! and painful. After the pizza was done, get your ass up, clean up, and get them cooking too! Oh? Youre done? already? still naked?



We laughed SOOOOOO hard, seriously, aren't you jealous?
I knew you were..

We win :P
Na na na boo boo
29th-Mar-2011 08:46 pm(no subject)
You dorks really make Me smile sometimes..

whiteyfatto: Yay!
whiteyfatto: I go crazy when i dont get attention!
Miz Marley: I had a shitty day, dont be selfish
whiteyfatto: I would give my left nut to make Your day better if i could!
whiteyfatto: I would live in misery forever if it meant You never had to!

29th-Mar-2011 03:26 am - awww... <3 that sissy bitch!
Miz Marley (3/29/2011 1:12:45 AM): get on your knees and beg, I'll consider it.
sissy (3/29/2011 1:12:57 AM): yes Mistress
sissy (3/29/2011 1:13:31 AM): please will you go back on cam for a little bit Mistress please. I worship and love you, your theo only woman i enjoy looking at, even after how gay youve made me, i still cant resist
sissy (3/29/2011 1:13:34 AM): your so beautiful and dominant
Miz Marley (3/29/2011 1:13:49 AM): not enough
sissy (3/29/2011 1:14:23 AM): please Mistress, i really want to see you, i need it , ill do anything i can, annnnnnnything
sissy (3/29/2011 1:14:27 AM): your so smart and beautiful
sissy (3/29/2011 1:14:35 AM): and you have such hypnotic hot eyes
sissy (3/29/2011 1:14:43 AM): i love looking into them
sissy (3/29/2011 1:14:49 AM): mmmm
sissy (3/29/2011 1:15:04 AM): your so beautiful and strong and powerful
sissy (3/29/2011 1:15:08 AM): i need it mistress
Miz Marley (3/29/2011 1:15:24 AM): more.
sissy (3/29/2011 1:15:50 AM): ill do anything i can mistress, anything to make you happy, i really need to see, one i got a look i cant stop looking
sissy (3/29/2011 1:15:53 AM): its amazing
sissy (3/29/2011 1:15:57 AM): im addicted
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:06 AM): im gay but im addicted to seeing you cause your so beautiful
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:10 AM): i love you
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:13 AM): and everything you do to me
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:16 AM): and who you made me
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:23 AM): i love seeing who did it too me
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:27 AM): seeing you laugh at me
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:31 AM): make fun of me
sissy (3/29/2011 1:16:33 AM): your beautiful smile
Miz Marley (3/29/2011 1:16:44 AM): that was pretty good

19th-Mar-2011 01:58 pm(no subject)
In THIS fairytale, the Princess, IS THE VILLAIN
and My quest for Domination, is NEVER ending..

19th-Mar-2011 01:47 pm - hehehe
I always win, did you think I was joking?

19th-Mar-2011 01:28 pm - free loaders...
Ok, here we go again. Seriously, don't fuck around.
When you find Me on a findom website, don't play dumb and act like you don't know why I'm there, expect to bend over and shoot the dollars out of your ass for DAYS for Goddess. The same goes for Teamviewer, When you find Me on the TV blog, it clearly says all sessions require payment, ALSO, which leads you to My blog, and how to contact Me, OBVIOUSLY states, I'm a greedy, money hungry bitch. Got it?

I'm tired of you loser wanna be free loaders, BEGGING me for hours for free shit, get fucked.
This is a clear cut example if what I HATE! This will not eventually break me down to cater to your needs for free, GET REAL DUMB ASS. i have no money right now Miss
Miz Marley: HAHAHA, then no teamviewer for you, find someone who will play for free please im desperate
Miz Marley: HAHAHA, its called a pawn shop. please please ive never done tv before ill give you full control please Miss? please Miss i beg is typing... please Miss

this stupid ass twat has STIIIIIIILLL been consistently messaging Me since I copied his message...
God you're a fucking idiot, get a fucking clue twat bucket..
17th-Mar-2011 11:21 am - Lucky you.
Said video below, can also be DOWNLOADED for FREE, here:

Look how fucking nice I am..

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