goddess_marley (goddess_marley) wrote,

free loaders...

Ok, here we go again. Seriously, don't fuck around.
When you find Me on a findom website, don't play dumb and act like you don't know why I'm there, expect to bend over and shoot the dollars out of your ass for DAYS for Goddess. The same goes for Teamviewer, When you find Me on the TV blog, it clearly says all sessions require payment, ALSO, which leads you to My blog, and how to contact Me, OBVIOUSLY states, I'm a greedy, money hungry bitch. Got it?

I'm tired of you loser wanna be free loaders, BEGGING me for hours for free shit, get fucked.
This is a clear cut example if what I HATE! This will not eventually break me down to cater to your needs for free, GET REAL DUMB ASS.

johnstapp@ymail.com: i have no money right now Miss
Miz Marley: HAHAHA, then no teamviewer for you, find someone who will play for free
johnstapp@ymail.com: please
johnstapp@ymail.com: im desperate
Miz Marley: HAHAHA, its called a pawn shop.
johnstapp@ymail.com: please
johnstapp@ymail.com: please
johnstapp@ymail.com: ive never done tv before
johnstapp@ymail.com: ill give you full control
johnstapp@ymail.com: please
johnstapp@ymail.com: Miss?
johnstapp@ymail.com: please
johnstapp@ymail.com: Miss i beg
johnstapp@ymail.com is typing...
johnstapp@ymail.com: please Miss

this stupid ass twat has STIIIIIIILLL been consistently messaging Me since I copied his message...
God you're a fucking idiot, get a fucking clue twat bucket..
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