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Oh yes she did ;)

Let Me start off saying, I LOOOVE MY CRAZY ASS LIFE. Shit is way too wild, I swear, I LOVE it. Ok, so on that note, again, it's been a pretty minute since I updated, but you will survive. Some of you already know, but a couple weeks ago I let My slave take Me out to hit the mall and kick it. I had a fucking blast, that crazy bastard is such a champ. There is a reason he is My favorite, and YOU'RE NOT!.

He came and snagged Me up, you know I wasn't about to drive a bitch around, PFFT!  He came baring gift, I'm addicted to these crazy little melatonin brownies, called Lazy Cakes, mmmmz! Anyway, so we headed to the mall, after snagging a big fat Caramel Frap from Starbucks for meeeee,  to let the debauchery begin. We hit a few stores that are always must haves for Me, like Hot Topic (piercings and body jewelry), Bath and Body Works (I pretty much REFUSE to use anything else) - I snagged up some more pieces for My Monroe at Hot Topic, and just overall found myself playing with every crazy thing in the store. We moved on, hit up a few shoe stores, walked through Sephora where I dazzled him with some hot pink lip gloss, FIR HIM, not Me. LOL



Oh yeah, I make him carry My purse EVERYWHERE, LOL. He was poppin in his lip gloss, all kind of people were starring at Us, well, him, LOL. I was dying laughing. It's no big thing, he does what he's told, and he just may be a lip gloss slut. So we were checking out all kinds of places, walked into an Aldo store, to check out the Spring shoe collection, I was still laughing from all these wanna be gangsters taking tripple looks at him, when we walked in, the cutie little store clerk made a comment about why i was smilling so much, "Oh girl, having a good day because you get to be with your Boo" BAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT, That's totally what's going on! I about fell over dead laughing, seriously, needless to say, she was pretty confused when I was doubled over, yelling "hell NO". I couldnt take it, so we moved on. 

You know I couldn't leave the mall without checking out the line up at Victoria's Secret. We walked around, checking out all the tables, then I told him he had to pick out 3 pairs. The look on his face was priceless, trying to act all tough and casual, he looked like a deer in headlights. I dont think he'll admit it, but that turd was totally blushing! I even made him ask a store clerk if they had a certain pair in My size, It was soooo funny.

So he finds his three choices, and I snagged a bottle of perfume, and we head out to the check out...  The chick who rings us up knows My bitch from some shows, she was all sorts of , "Hey, arent you a DJ? I know you, I go to your shows! I was just in that bikini contest you judged" - He is STILL rocking that hot pink lipgloss and carrying My purse like it is nothing. I was laughing sooo hard, then she tries to tell me how much I owe, I again blurted out laughing, and pointing, saying he's the bitch, it's on his card. I left with a HUGE smile on My face, seriously. That couldn't have went any better! So we hit up a few more stores here and there, finished up with a trip to Sunshine Daydream (my favorite little head shop) for a pretty new pipe for yours truley.  Oh yeah, I may or  may not have called him out to another cashier about how he's a sleazy cunt who shoves grapes up his ass, HAHAHA, I love the way people respond to these sorts of things, the humor, yet morbid shock on their faces  is golden.

Anyway, after an afternoon of shopping, I went back home, bags in tow, and headed right back out to door with a girlfriend of mine for dinner, some forgettable twat was luck enough to hit Me up mobile and allowed to pay for that also, oh then we got ice cream, LOL. ;)
Over all it was a pretty fun and entertaining day, I wouldn't have expected anything less.


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