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So I finally got this big ass package out to that slutty fucking sissy boy.(Who almost didn't fucking deserve it)
10 pairs of panties, a few of my old outfits, a little starter make up kit, and finally that big dildo I bought him fir Xmas (that he has paid for OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN)

Anyway, lucky little whore he is,he  LOVED IT. - but who wouldnt..
Im really tired, so here are some pics from his cam session modeling some of his new goods.

HAHAHAHA Posting these has Me laughing My sweet little ass off.
Look at him, what a hairy fucking bitch. "sissy" boy, has a long way to go still, but as it becomes available, we're going to alter his life to be more perfectly fem.... Starting with all of that gross fuckign body hair.
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