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a good time, on YOUR dime

Our car died the other day, it was sooo obnoxious, so I had some friends come over to take a look at it, after an afternoon of buying tools, calling car shops, auto parts stores, and scowering the internet to see what the deal is,we finally threw in the towel and decided the next day we'd just have it towed to the dealership, btw- $836 bill.  BULLSHIT, but well needed.

So after all that mess, we came inside to chill, drank a beer, smoked a fat bowl, then My husband mentioned something about the new casino we hadn't been to yet since we weren't in town when it opened. We all gave each other that wild eye, jumped up, made a couple phone calls and piled into the car for a night of adventure. We drug our favorite short man Dan out of bed, hopped on the highway, ended up at the casino, blew way too much money in the shortest amount of time,pounded a few drinks, I gave roulette one last shot, before we walked right back out the door, lol. Good thing MY MAN is lucky, hahaha, he won back everything I lost right before we left, so it was fun in the end. From the parking lot we decided to roll downtown to this crazy little hookah bar my boy has been frequenting latley. Not too shabby, we had a great time, got the drinks pouring again, shots all around, I had this killer Banana Malibu, pineapple juice, with banana mixer/puree, addicting like Banana flavored crack, hahaha.  I picked what we were going to load up the (first) hookah with--- ORANGE SHERBERT!! It was delicious! No lie!

So we chilled for a while, having a great time, laughed our asses off, started talking to the owner, about what flavors he liked, and he had his own special mix, of White Peach, White Grape, and Honeydew-   After a few minutes of him giving me the eye ball, he came back and hooked us up with another fully loaded  hookah, Ladies first, no doubt ;D

"She wanted to try it, I let you have it complimentary, I want to take a photo with you please"


We had a greeeeat time kicking it with out friends, my husband was stoked to be able to hang out with his boys again. Best part was.....  YOU PAID FOR EVERYTHING! HAHAHA, awww how sweet! I stumbled in the door about 3am and slept ever so sweetly..
ya know- after a little lovin' ;)

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