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fucking assholes, piss me off.

Mark Jankowski: hmmmmmmmmmm
Miz Marley: hmmm yes?
Mark Jankowski: wondering if you're doing sessions
Miz Marley: its 10am, I just woke up, Im still in bed
Mark Jankowski: but you signed on
Miz Marley: I do what I want
Miz Marley: is that supposed to be some kind of rationalization?
Miz Marley: Ive been up for like 30minutes,  laying here, checking all my messages, emails, and updates, doing some wishlist editing
Mark Jankowski: it just seems like no one is actually serious about this fetish..or most are just phonies..
Mark Jankowski: im getting tired of looking
Miz Marley: You sound like a titty baby.
Miz Marley: Ill be sessioning later this afternoon after I shower soon
Miz Marley: what are you messaging whinning to me for?
Mark Jankowski: not to be rude, but thats all i ever get.."i am showering, working out, whatever" ..the afernoon never comes
Miz Marley: hahaha
Miz Marley: youre a moron, I just woke up, get over it
Miz Marley: Im not on call for you wanksters 247
Miz Marley: get a reality check
Miz Marley: Im def not going on cam naked, in bed, and unshowered
Mark Jankowski: ms..i didnt think i was expecting you on call, i saw you online a few times and its always the same
Miz Marley: Right, bitchboy, And when I came back to cam with you
Mark Jankowski: i always thought a wanker was a guy who didnt pay. i dont think i'm a wanker then
Miz Marley: youre dumb ass had signed off less that five minutes after I said I was leaving and would be back
Miz Marley: a wanker is a moron male in any form
Mark Jankowski: oh ok, i thought it was a guy who didnt pay
Miz Marley: youre annoying me this morning, and I really dont like it
Miz Marley: What a shitty way to start my morning
Miz Marley: congrats
Mark Jankowski: i'm sorry , my level of frustration is high..it seems like no on eis real or serious
Miz Marley: so you decided to ruin my morning?
Miz Marley: bc poor little you cant get ladies on demand?
Miz Marley: We have lives too fucktard, get a clue
Miz Marley: like, I could be showering right now! getting prepped for some cam, or to relax, but no, instead, im sitting here, now annoyed having this ridiculous conversation with you
Mark Jankowski: i'm sorry, but the only conclusion i can get from a woman who doesn't seem to want my money is that she is not real
Miz Marley: HAHA
Miz Marley: go away
Miz Marley: dotn come back
Miz Marley: yorue a fool
Miz Marley: and rude to say the least
Mark Jankowski: i'm only rude to people who ruin the fetish
Miz Marley: dont sit here and talk shit to me, because basicly I just woke up
Miz Marley: youre a fucking tool.
Miz Marley: you obviously live in la la land
Mark Jankowski: no , i really dont
Miz Marley: its my schedule, I wake up at 9-10, and am ready for cam and sessions around noon
Miz Marley: deal with yourself, dont come take it out on me
Miz Marley: if youre such an avid reader of my journal, what a stupid comment to make that Im not "real"
Mark Jankowski: i never said you were not real
Miz Marley: Im so real, that I have a real life, and I fucking like to sleep in, and have breakfast and coffee, then start my day  you fucking dick
Miz Marley: Mark Jankowski: i'm sorry, but the only conclusion i can get from a woman who doesn't seem to want my money is that she is not real
Miz Marley: again, thanks for ruining my morning
Miz Marley: I will be sessioning and caming all afternoon and into the evening, but you will most def. NOT be someone who will be participating with me
Mark Jankowski: you can see my last name on your screen?
Miz Marley: jankowski
Miz Marley: yes, dumbass.
Miz Marley: now for the second time, Im done here, go away, I have things to do, and you have seriously just pissed me off.
Mark Jankowski: i didnt mean to
Miz Marley: GO AWAY

And now, everyone can see what a twat mouthed little titty baby whiner bitch you are :)
 BAAHAHA Thanks for the comedy in the end little MARK JANKOWSKI $$$$
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