Going in for the kill..

Poor fucking thing, I always win - You didn't really thing you could go anywhere did you? Away from Me? and this? I know you're going mad living without Me. Don't be so naive, you know what this is...  You, will NEVER escape.

good graces and devilish faces..

So, I just have to say, I love My life. Some of you boys have really stepped it up lately, and honestly, Im impressed! You all deserve a little pat on the head. New and old, you're all so well behaved and on point, it really keeps Me pleased. To the rest of you, a few newbies have been blocked and let go, they are flat out retarded if they don't know why.. and well, the other lame-o stalkers, PLEASE GET A CLUE! Im not interested, I'm very selective, VERY picky! I have a very nice collection of personal boys that do their part to keep their Goddess satisfied and happy, Im not desperate to add your loser, nothing to offer but selfish self gratification, small brained, half retarded ass to My life, please understand that, you're driving Me bonkers. I know Im amazing, stunning.. all of these things, but you need to take a look in the mirror and reevaluate yourself, and what you have to offer before you approach, stalk, or spam Me.

Ok with that said, Ive had a few changes to My line up, but Im quite satisfied with My decisions, so aren't you feeling lucky today? My sister and i are accepting more RT sessions as well, Paid Professional sessions trump everything else RT- dont be silly, but if you are willing to be used in photos, videos, or have a talent that is beneficial- do not be afraid to contact as well, at the very most, we will say no, but what f you never tried, right? Exactly.  ALSO, we are still doing double online as well, anything from double cam, double teamviewer, double the cash rape, double the interrogation! 

Last weekend was a blast, dont miss your chance this weekend! We smoke, abuse, tease, and DRAIN.. oh, and bring the pain. ;)  We have some RT things lined up for Saturday so far, as she mentioned, we will be attempting to stream some or any of this live for anyone to view, 20$ is all it takes. We will be accepting requests, ideas, and comments for the live feed. Obviously you're not invited to our dinner dates, but of course, NF lines will be on, so call, could our adventures be any less than exciting? NEVER! lol

Friday- Saturday- Sunday. You can email Myself or My sister to reserve your own spot, or if you have any questions, comments, etc..  Mizmarleyisamazing@yahoo.com  OR  Queenkittyownsyou@yahoo.com - I'll be updating with her website info soon as well, and a hot little banner for you to swoon over!! Siter dommes? WTF are you missing out on fool?! Whats funny, is we're not even blood, hahaha, but the perfect match to set your world on fire..


You know I have a shoe problem, hehe
Soooo, look at what I got My pretty little hands on..


Hmm, and what do you think is in this box?
Are you lucky enough to find out?
Or lucky enough to already know?
Ooooooh La La..


cucky cucky, comes out again!!!

Sooo, while OUR tax refund is kicking it in the bank, saving up for a new house, Cuck bitch's tax refunds got put to work!
I promised My husabnd when we moved home, we would set up a game room, since We have just about every video game system known to man kind, Lets condence it all and put it all in a room of its own, just something else to spend your cash on, something fun for Me to put together, and somewhere for him to kick back and smoke a bowl after a long day. ( I have officially confiscated the living room, and My NEW JUMBO TV, lol).. anyway, he is MORE than deserving, so.. That's just what I did. - We blew that cuck sluts refund with a quickness!!

First, I had to get the basics, He needed a new flat screen (something moderate right now, not like you wont be upgrading it..) and a stand, obviously, and something that can house everything else. So thats exactly where I started, a quick and easy $500 purchase.

not too shabby, but the TV def needs to be BIGGER! Anyway, so duh, what else do I need? Well, obviously something to sit on, I was thinking about getting two big Luv Saks, they're expensive but are GREAT and fun, but well, He really likes leather, hmmm, something like a love seat? Its a spare bedroom, so a couch would just simply be too large at this time, so We went out and scouted, found the perfect black leather love seat, and it reclines, He is in heaven!

Now that Ive got a good jumpstart, all I need is to decorate, and find some more storage- home goods addict anyone? lol.

Look at what cucky slut did to show his Idol, how much he loves and adores him!!
My husband laughed the entire way to the bank, litterally, we had to go pull his cash out at the nearest atm! Looks a little something like this...

Thats not to mention what he's been blowing on his wishlist here and there..
You silly cock loving monger, you really make me giggle! <3


Aww, Quite your crying worms. I tweeted a pic of My pedi the other day, but I forgot to post it for the rest of you..
A lucky little cockmouth had the honor of paying, well, for Myself, and My homegirl.  What a great way to wrap up the night. We spent majority of the afternoon searching male escorts on RentBoy.com for his (then)upcoming trip to NY- I have to admit, Im impressed, and seriously entertained, a mini vacation of pure debauchery! Lining up the dicks to slurp on and choke down, scheduling Domme sessions.. Me likey! He also happens to be quite the little teamviewer slut, haha, yes! You know you are! Even when he panics, he ALWAYS comes back for more! We started off with a nice little cash deposit via paypal, slored around the internet for hottttt men and fat cocks, and finished up with some amazon purchases, for yours truley of course ;) , and discussed how He will be required to serve My switch as well. Hopefully Things will work out and they will have their own little meeting soon... He wont be able to say much with a mouthful of dick, but it's too easy to reach into your pockets, and empty your wallet while you blow!

That also leads Me to this, I forgot to tell you, I had a little training session with said switch in the art of teamviewer, and he is ready for his first victim! Step up you slutty cock loving whores!  HAHAHA It makes Me laugh so hard! :P I wont even have to do anything but connect the two and watch my accounts fill up! You get to serve Me, still humiliated, raped, and invaded via Teamviewer, yet satisfying that bisexual slutty void in your life with submitting to my own rugged little whore, who in turns, uses YOUR funds, and HIS time, to satisfy MY GREED.

...yeah, sounds perfect to Me ;]

MiniCock did good none the less, check out this fab saphire pedi.
Delicious enough, it makes you want to drop to your knees and have a taste...

Let your freak flag fly!


Check out this freaky slut - Oink Oink for the camera you tiny dicked freak!

talk about fucked in the head, it was all toooo funny!
*Dont want no short dick man - La La La!*
Sing it louder piggy! My husband can't hear you!

you're so fucking deranged, it doesn't even matter anymore!
you know this is all you're good for!